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NCUA Proposes New Member Business Lending Rule


The National Credit Union Administration voted 3-0 on Thursday to propose a new member business lending (MBL) rule. The proposal offers federally insured credit unions greater flexibility and reduces regulatory burden for credit unions participating in member business lending. The NCUA released this explanatory document to help

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Even Burdened by Crushing Student Loan Debt, Recent Grads May Be Growth Market for Credit Unions


Credit unions may want to cater to the needs of a segment of the U.S. population that some lenders may have written off: debt-burdened recent college graduates.


Increasing Usage in Mobile Banking Check Deposit


A lot of checks are being deposited via the mobile banking channel. Who would have thought that after years of efforts to replace checks with other forms of payments and to digitize them through efforts such as Check21, that checks would still be so pervasive?

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