Conference Committee

Committee Mission:

The Conference Committee is responsible for the development, implementation and presentation of the Council’s annual 3 ½‐day program. The committee determines the agenda, speakers, roundtable topics, breakout sessions and other activities related to the conference.

Key Functions:

  • Help identify the conference focus and flow, sessions and speakers
  • Identify topics for the agenda that are timely and relevant to Council members
  • Help identify speakers and subject matter experts that can cover desired topics
  • Review videos of potential general session/keynote speakers and provide input on final selections.
  • Participate in the outreach to potential speakers. Once identified and confirmed, committee member responsible for speaker will work to have the confirmation form completed.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on potential networking, social activities and other value-added benefits for attendees
  • Promoting the conference to members and other potential attendees
  • Assisting speakers in clarifying session content and direction
  • Introduce speakers during the conference

Conference Committee work may be divided into subcommittees or task groups focusing on specific aspects of the conference. 

Time commitment:

12-20 conference calls (60 minutes each). Commitment starts about 8 weeks after the current conference wraps.  Much of the work takes place 10 - 5 months prior to the conference date.

Annual Goal: 

Create an event that is well attended, achieves high ratings from attendees for content and networking, and meets or exceeds budgeted financial targets.