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The following CUNA Council white papers will help your credit union develop disaster plans and cope with pandemics, tornados, or other disasters. For easier reference, we have consolidated them all into one single pdf (with a significant price discount for non-members).

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The five research papers contained within are (click each for more info):

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Pandemic Planning White Paper

With news of the swine flu appearing in the headlines almost daily, credit unions will want to review their disaster preparedness plans in anticipation of a possible outbreak in their community.  The CUNA Technology Council recently released a new white paper titled "Pandemic Planning." (one of the papers bundled in the package above). Before you give into the temptation to delay pandemic planning, remember this message from reputable scientists: It's not a question of "if" but "when" a pandemic will occur.

The U.S. government's Web site for pandemic planning,, defines a "pandemic" as a virulent human flu that causes "a global outbreak of serious illness. Because there is little natural immunity, the disease can easily spread from person to person." The potential loss of the credit union's vital "human capital" means credit unions must take a different approach to providing business continuity.

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This in depth research report will provide you with information on:

  • Social Distancing
  • Addressing Absenteeism
  • Hygiene Matters
  • Connecting with Employees
  • Equipping Leaders for Crisis Communication
  • Supporting Telecommuting and Alternative Work Arrangements
  • Notifying Members about Operations and Remote Options
  • Testing the Plan
  • Links to Pandemic Web sites, Resources, and Bibliography

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