23rd Annual CUNA Lending Council Conference

Omni Nashville Hotel | Nashville, TN | November 12 – 15, 2017


  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jean Chatzky NBC's TODAY Show Financial Editor and Best-Selling Author
    The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times

    Can you really start from nothing and become truly secure financially? In this fascinating and interactive keynote, Jean Chatzky asks the questions: What’s the difference between you and Warren Buffett? Between you and your boss? Or between you and your successful neighbor? What do the financially comfortable have that you don’t? And how do you get it? Based on her most recent book that includes groundbreaking research on the self-made wealthy, Jean reveals the traits and habits of those who have moved from the lowest economic strata to the highest. Then she helps audiences take a look at where they are now and offers simple strategies for helping them get to where they want to go. In this optimistic and empowering presentation, she helps people see that they themselves have the power to determine their own financial future and find freedom in even the most difficult of economic times.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Phil Hanson Multimedia Artist, Speaker, Author and Innovator
    Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities

    Success, especially in today’s fast-changing business environment, depends on our ability to make "creativity and innovation" a continuous process. Leaders want to know how their teams can rise above any challenge and succeed no matter what comes their way. Whether it’s to embrace change, overcome obstacles, sustain growth, or take your success to the next level, they want to “Embrace the Shake.”

    The term “Embrace the Shake” is coined from Artist Phil Hansen’s personal story of transformation. After developing a career-ending tremor in his drawing hand, Phil embraced his “shake” both physically and metaphorically by redefining his limitation as an impetus for creativity. Phil not only restored his artistic abilities, he became a much more creative and innovative artist than ever before. Upon sharing his message on the TED stage and millions subsequently after, “Embrace the Shake” has become a motto for many businesses to approach their limitations in a new way.

    Phil’s powerful message of finding creativity within limitations will inspire you to stop looking on the outside, and start looking inside yourself for resources that can transform your challenges into opportunities for success. Are you ready to Embrace your Shake?


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