Credit unions are doing amazing things in these unprecedented times. With that in mind, CUNA Technology Council is transitioning the 2020 awards to a collection and celebration of credit union stories. Details are being developed, so get ready to share your story and that of others who have been supporting members during this pandemic.

Excellence in Technology Awards

Credit union technology professionals know that finding the right solution to a problem or situation often is determined by understanding and developing the best approach to accomplish those issues. While there may be no right way or wrong way to face a technology challenge, there is most certainly a BEST way!

Identifying these new approaches and recognizing their universal application to credit unions nationwide is the purpose of the CUNA Technology Council's Excellence Awards.

Professional of the Year Award

Honoring one individual who exemplifies excellence in credit union information technology. The award recognizes individuals who, in all aspects of their chosen profession, consistently excel for the benefit of their credit union, and the advancement of ideals of the cooperative movement.

Rising Star Award

The CUNA Technology Council’s Rising Star Award recognizes and honors an emerging professional in the credit union industry who has a focus on the information technology area. The recipient of this prestigious award will be an information technology professional whose work demonstrates ongoing and exceptional growth. Their contribution to the future of the credit union industry is evident during the time they've been a part of the movement.

Top Community Contributor Award

Recognizes the value and expertise shared with peers through collaboration within Councils Community.