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Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs

11.12.2014 - 11.12.2014 (M & BD)


A great social media strategy is a "must" for today's brand interactions, and marketing and new member initiatives. All credit unions understand the value of social media, yet very few can cut through the "commotion promotion" to meaningfully connect with new and potential members. Your community programs can be the key to making your brand memorable, and to setting your credit union apart from other financial institutions. Learn how to create a marketing strategy that centers on your community programs, and see tips from successful credit unions and companies.


Sandra Morris, CEO and Founder of CafeGive Social

Sandra Morris is a marketing strategist, product specialist, nonprofit board member, and a seasoned speaker on topics including corporate social responsibility, leadership, and social media. Prior to founding CafeGive Social, her roles included CIO for Intel Corporation and Senior Executive and VP of Consumer Images Services for Kodak.




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Leveraging Your Credit Union's Social Media & Community Programs

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