Roundtable Event

The Peer-to-Peer Lending Landscape

09.15.2016 - 09.15.2016 (lending)

1 pm central Online via Adobe Connect

The growth of peer-to-peer lending has significantly outpaced traditional consumer lenders.  Prosper, Lending Club, Avant, SoFi and others are already established players, but startups are entering the marketplace with regularity.  What are their business models and is the term “peer-to-peer” even an accurate description of their approach?  Do they pose a competitive threat?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The history of the peer-to-peer space and its major players
  • The competitive threat peer-to-peer lending poses
  • How these new lenders differ in strategy and recent performance
  • Coping strategies for credit unions

Meet Your Speakers:

Karthik Sethuraman Karthik Sethuraman is Co-Founder and CEO of SimplyCredit, a financial technology company that provides solutions to accelerate credit union loan growth. Karthik has over a decade in consumer lending experience at FICO and analytics company, Kaggle. At FICO he developed underwriting and pricing algorithms that generated over $200 MM in additional profit for major banks and credit card issuers. His cutting-edge data science solutions developed at Kaggle have outperformed industry standards by 40%-300%. Karthik has an MS in Applied Math / Optimization from UC Berkeley.

Alan Bahr

Alan Bahr is SVP of Business Development at SimplyCredit. Alan has over 15 years of capital markets experience, primarily with Bain Capital and Lehman Brothers, where he structured financial transactions, including mortgage securitizations, and provided consultative services that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in increased client revenue.  For the past decade he led cross-functional teams at CUNA Mutual Group to develop new lending products and services for credit unions. Alan has a MBA from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in finance. 




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