Roundtable Event

CUFX Implementation Success Stories by: CU Wallet, Baxter Credit Union, Kiva Group and eDea

04.20.2015 - 04.20.2015 (tech)

11:00 a.m. CST

How can the Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX) help your credit union integrate new technologies?
Hear how CU Wallet, Baxter CU, KIVA Group and eDea benefited from CUFX and learn how to make CUFX work for you with CUFX Implementation Success Stories


Reginald Maisonneuve,
President & Founder of eDea LLC will discuss the benefits of CUFX and how it was used in the construction of My1000points.   
Tim Tibbals,
Director Enterprise Architecture at Baxter Credit Union will discuss the first implementation successes with Freedom Pay and Money Desktop.
Tom Stacy,
Director of Architecture will discuss how CUFX was used in the development of
CU Wallet.
Tina Baker,
Director of Business Development will discuss KIVA Group’s construction of a CUFX Enterprise Service Bus.

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