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Standing 'O.U.T.' during Events

08.10.2017 - 08.10.2017 (M & BD)

1 pm central time Online via Adobe Connect

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Branch traffic is changing.  The foot traffic is not what is was 5 years ago.  Events help lead to growth and increased foot traffic...right??  

Why is it that some of our events leave us scratching our heads while others lead to greater success and growth?  What is the difference?  What stands "OUT" about the successful events?  Did you realize that the success or failure of your event is determined long before you show up?

We'll cover the following:

  • STAND O.U.T. "Optimize yoUr Time" at the table-  you've got a table, now what?  What does the table actually mean?  Who is there with you?  How did you prepare for this moment?  Do you realize how lucky you are?

  • Experience: If the table is an extension or channel of the credit union, what is that experience like for the member/potential member? 

  • Engage (MORE ACRONYMS) 😊: How do you engage the potential member in front of you? Follow the ABA (Always be Asking), ABL (Always be Listening) and ABC (Always be Closing) rules of selling

  • Keeping the door open: We'll discuss post event management so we don't lose the opportunity down the road.

  • ROI: Our favorite term - this is established prior to the event and measured after the event. 

  • Trial and Error:  Determine your own best practices, evaluate, evaluate and evaluate.

You want to Stand "OUT", you'll learn how to do so here.

Meet Your Speaker:  Spencer Carver,  AVP - SEG Development, Mountain America Credit Union

Spencer CarverSpencer has spent more than a decade working for the credit union movement.  Prior to his time at Mountain America, he worked for two other financial institutions. As an AVP of Business Development, Spencer oversees the development and growth of more than 5000 Select Employer Groups (SEG). He works closely with members of the Branch Administration, Business, Investment, Mortgage, Branches and Insurance Services team to ensure appropriate membership growth strategies are in place as it relates to SEG development. Spencer has served as a member of multiple boards, most recently, he serves on the AMICUS board of Directors for Intermountain Medical Foundation, University of Utah Business Alumni Association, the Davis Education Foundation, and the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce.  Spencer received his Master’s in Leadership through Westminster College, graduated from Western CUNA Management School, attended the CUNA FUSE Business Development Conference in 2014, and is certified as a CUBDP




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