2018 HR Professional of the Year

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

Senior Vice President Administrative Services
Universal 1 Credit Union

Dayton, OH

Jessica’s credit union journey began in November 2014 as the Assistant Vice President Human Resources for Universal 1 Credit Union (U1). She was recently promoted to Senior Vice President Administrative Services where she oversees Human Resources, Marketing, Business Development, and eCommerce. After almost 19 years of providing HR support in various industries, she can proudly say that she has found her work “home”. She has made significant impacts at U1. The list is extensive and exhaustive including tracking HR metrics, online training courses, salary compensation restructures, ACA internal reporting, implemented an ATS and a AAP, Launching an Incentive Plan, and much much more. In addition to her work within the credit union, she is a valued member of the CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council where she participates in conferences, the awards committee and presenting on award winning programs. She was taking classes for her MBA in Finance, which she completed in January. Her dedication to continuing her education is a testament that at any level we can continue to learn and grow. Jessica’s degree and new role have allowed her to continue to learn, and also provides her with an opportunity to teach; specifically to teach others about credit unions.

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