Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominations Deadline:  December 30, 2019
Entry Materials Deadline:  January 31, 2020

Entry deadline will be strictly followed – no entries will be accepted after the January 31, 2020 deadline date so please don’t wait until the last minute – applications take time to fill out and complete. Thank you!

Celebrate a Lifetime of Achievement

The Marketing & Business Development Council's Marketing Professional of the Year Award and Business Development Professional of the Year Award represent what is known as a “career year,” that period of time when you make all the right moves and the pieces fall into place. But only one award honors a lifetime of such achievement.

The Lifetime Achievement Award alone recognizes marketing and business development professionals who have excelled at this difficult discipline throughout their professional careers. It’s an honor not easily won, and even less frequently bestowed. But it’s of vital importance in its measure of excellence, and is the Marketing & Business Development Council's most prestigious honor.

Hear from your 2019 Winner

Matthew Stratton, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Tinker Federal Credit Union: 
“What a great experience. My career has evolved quite a bit over the past 28 years, and it was great to get back to my roots and reconnect with the Council where it pretty much all started. I visited with some folks I haven’t seen in several years, and I met many of the young folks who are at the stage of their careers I was when the Council was created. One young man approached me after the banquet and told me my acceptance speech helped him realize that a recent setback he’d experienced was okay and it gave him renewed energy. What a great way to end a very special night.

I have spent a lot of time walking down memory lane since I first learned I would receive the honor. And, what an honor it was to be placed in the company of all the previous recipients, some of whom I worked with on committees and learned from along the way. Nobody gets to this stage in their career without having made decisions along the way about which roads to take and which ones not to. It’s very rewarding to have one’s peers acknowledge what you’ve done and affirm that you’ve made a difference in the part of the world you chose to serve. And, I’m certainly proud to have worked in the credit union movement with all of the amazing folks who have helped me to get where I am.”

Winner Recognition

The winner will be announced at the 27th Annual CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference, March 15-18, 2020 in Orlando. In addition to recognition throughout the credit union movement, each Lifetime Achievement inductee receives the following honors:

  • The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award;
  • Recognition in Credit Union Magazine;
  • Complimentary registration to the conference;
  • The opportunity to help select the following year’s recipient and present the award.

Nomination and Entry Process

Start by reviewing the details, deadlines and nomination process.

To nominate an associate or yourself, complete the online nomination form. You may nominate more than one person.

Once nominated, those interested in competing for the award must submit entry materials.

How to Enter
The entry form must be completed and submitted online. The steps below outline exactly how to enter.

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  2. Create Your Entry
  3. Upload Digital Files
  4. Submit Entry

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