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Starting June 1st, 2020 CUNA Councils Memberships are available at the partial year rate. In each tier, dues are $100 off the annual rate.

Your membership will be effective from the day you join through December 31, 2020.

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Partial Year CUNA Councils Membership Dues

Asset Size

2+ Members*

1 Member

Less than $100 Million $75 each $75
$100 Million up to $500 Million $215 each $245
$500 Million up to $1 Billion $245 each $295
Greater than $1 Billion $295 each $345
League $215 each $215
* from any combination of Councils

CEO Council Only Membership Dues

Asset Size

Less than $250 Million $195
Greater than $250 Million $395

Note: You may join more than one Council if you wish. Some members have disciplines or interests that span more than one group. 

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the CUNA Member Experience team at 800-356-9655, ext. 0 or

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Renew Your Membership Online 

From Your Account page, click Purchases, then My Balance.
Credit card and ACH payments are available through online renewal.


Call 800-356-9655 and press 0 to:

  • renew by phone
  • reset login/password
  • renew multiple memberships (note: please have each individual's customer number ready)
  • update information, ie. title
  • make changes to the membership(s) at your credit union, or 
  • any other questions.

CUNA's Member Experience Team can be reached at


  1. Include a printed copy of your renewal invoice (click below to request a printable copy).
  2. Add your customer number and order number to the check stub to avoid processing delays.
  3. Remit via U.S. mail to:
    Credit Union National Association, Inc.
    Box 78546
    Milwaukee, WI 53278-0546
  4. Allow 2 weeks for delivery and processing.

Request a copy of your invoice

Transfer a Membership

Need to transfer a membership because someone left the organization or there was a shift in responsibilities?


1) full name and credit union of the current member and
2) full name, title, email address, and Council choice for the incoming member.