PRESS RELEASE: New CUNA Finance Council White Paper Explores Merging for Growth

By Craig Guillot05.14.2019

The CUNA Finance Council has published a new white paper, “Merging for Growth: Reducing Complexity to the Process.”

Mergers are a primary avenue of consolidation and growth in the credit union industry, and while they have several benefits, they also present challenges. Executives and board members have expressed that it can be a struggle to validate merger prospects, to perform due diligence, and to ensure a smooth integration. And while many credit unions have a desire to merge for growth, it is critical to have a plan and roadmap to do so.

Credit unions can reduce complexity in the process by creating a framework for decision making. They must establish the goals of the merger and look for synergy between the two organizations. Organizing meetings between boards and compiling data into a useable and comparable format can make it easier to compare key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, creating an integration playbook goes a long way to ensure a smooth transition to the new entity.

This white paper covers:

  • A brief background about credit union acquisitions,
  • How credit unions are merging for growth,
  • The challenges credit unions face in merging and acquiring other credit unions,
  • How credit unions can simplify their decision-making process,
  • Using KPIs throughout the merger process, and
  • “Normalizing” the merger process.

white paper

white paper

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