Excellence Award Winners Honored at CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Conference

By CUNA Councils04.14.2016

Ten credit unions were honored with nine Excellence Awards at the CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council’s 22nd annual conference, April 10-13 in Orlando, FL., including one honoree for Best of Show.

CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council’s 2016 Excellence Award WinnersThe awards recognize and honor credit unions that exemplify excellence in human resources and organizational development while promoting credit union philosophies through people leadership.

Best of Show: Pacific Marine Credit Union for their Amazing Race to Creating Member Loyalty program. As the credit union began a transition towards a service‐focused culture, the training team committed to creating a theme that would engage, energize and involve all staff for the credit union wide initiative and the Amazing Race to Creating Member Loyalty was created. The elaborately themed training program included Creating Member Loyalty service strategies, streamlining operations, a focus on action planning on the front line and increased coaching on the front line. After completion of their Amazing Race, the credit union has increased their net promoter score by 25.3% and also increased many scores on their employee satisfaction survey.

Additional winning entries include:

  • Employee Engagement (Assets Less than $499M): Verity Credit Union for their Employees Truly Matter campaign. In mid-2014, the board of directors charged the credit union with some guidance statements. Verity’s HR & Training team focused on two of the statements which were to attract, develop and retain exceptional staff at every level of the credit union and enhance member’s lives by becoming trusted advisors. The team took on a new knowledge management system, a new performance management system, increased leadership development, enhanced professional development and they expanded training and on boarding. With a focus in each of these areas, they have been able to prepare their new staff for an engaging experience from day 1, ripe with opportunities for all staff to grow and develop and ignite a passion around delivering their mission of enhancing member’s lives.
  • Employee Engagement (Assets $500M-$1B): Rivermark Community Credit Union for their Journey to Becoming an Employer Choice program. In early 2015 with a 20% turnover in member facing positions, Rivermark decided to put more focus on employee engagement and morale. After reviewing results from previous employee engagement surveys, they focused on a new total rewards strategy of the organization. They launched a new competitive pay structure that included an extensive communications plan including total rewards statements. They also developed a world class “Aspiring Leaders” program to provide current employees without any managerial responsibility with tools and skills to lead in their current role and help prepare them for future opportunities. As a result of their efforts, employee engagement is up and the credit union was also awarded the “Top Workplace” award in the Portland Metropolitan Area.
  • Employee Engagement (Assets More than $1B): San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) for their Cultivating a Highly Productive & Engaged Workforce initiative. San Diego County Credit Union continues to lead the way in providing breakthrough products and services to their members. They are able to do that by keeping their employees happy, healthy and engaged. To ensure great service is achieved, SDCCU employed a comprehensive plan to enhance employee engagement and productivity. SDCCU has a large focus on their multiyear wellness strategy to highlight their commitment to their employees. Additionally, they celebrate the credit union’s accomplishments with the employees frequently throughout the year with prizes and events. The CEO hosts towne hall meetings and roundtable discussions, always leaving the door open for honest communications. The credit union has a strong belief in promoting from within and an in‐house training team provides development classes and programs for employees. The credit union has seen great success and believes it ties directly back to happy, engaged employees.
  • Management Practices (Assets Less than $499M): Universal 1 Credit Union for their HR Metrics model. In January 2015, Universal 1 implemented an HR model and HR metrics to add value and drive organizational effectiveness. Establishing metrics tracking in several key areas has allowed them to measure key areas in HR and apply analytics before, during and after implementation of key initiatives and changes. They were able to support their current hiring process with data to back it up. Additionally, after their analysis, they determined the need to focus on their member service representatives (MSRs). Having the data to support their recommendation allowed them to structure compensation for three different levels of MSRs. This allowed the credit union to reduce their turnover by 8% for that position. Implementing HR metrics has made their HR function more effective and continue to provide value to the organization.
  • Management Practices (Assets $500M-$1B): Educational Systems Federal Credit Union for their Internal Branding: Living Our Commitment to Service the Education Community program. Educational Systems FCU put the management practice of internal branding into action over the last 18 months. The credit union focused on enhancing their employee practices, trainings and means of communication with the objective of providing methods for their employees to demonstrate their core purpose of serving the education community. The CEO meets with each employee every year to ensure that they understand the mission, vision and values. The team earns stars to display on their badge that they earn from the CEO. They additionally have revamped a staff day into an Employee Conference that offers personal interaction, professional development and experiences to remind employees of the importance of serving the education community. Through these initiatives, the employees live their internal brand and the credit union has reduced their turnover by 6% and increase their member satisfaction in the process.
  • Management Practices (Assets More than $1B): Advantis Credit Union for their Live Well…. A Healthier Happier You program. It’s a reality that healthcare cost continue to rise year after year, and Advantis needed to implement a wellness program that could keep costs manageable while still providing excellent health care coverage for their employees. The credit union implemented an organization-wide wellness program built on four principles: Education & Inform, Engage & Involve, Encourage & Support and Evaluate & Evolve. Focusing on the four principles has brought success to their program, the employees’ health and the credit union’s bottom line.
  • Innovative Staff Development (Assets Less than $499M): University of Illinois Community Credit Union’s Emerging Leaders Program. With a new focus on developing future leaders of their organization, the credit union launched a program geared towards the development of non‐management staff members. The one year Emerging Leaders Program involves challenging curriculum, one-on-one coaching and development with members of the leadership team. Through the application and selection process the credit union have had 12 staff members graduate from the program and four of those have transitioned into management positions.
  • Innovative Staff Development (Assets $500M - $1B): Alabama Credit Union for their AllIn Approach to Internships. The credit union had been looking for opportunities to define Alabama CU as an Employer of Choice, raise awareness of credit unions as a career opportunity, as well as find ways to provide training on critical workplace skills. The credit union launched an internship program that included three key components: classroom learning, a community service project and traditional work experience. The internship program is offered first to staff family members, then to members of the community. The program has seen 33 interns, with 7 individuals who have been hired after completion of the program. The program has sharpened skills, raised money, food and awareness of credit unions in the community.
  • Innovative Staff Development (Assets More than $1B): Travis Credit Union for their Core Conversion Training Plan. Faced with a core conversion, the training team at Travis developed a comprehensive conversation plan for each department to help managers understand their role in the training process and set expectations. The training team worked with 17 subject matter expert trainers and provided them with specific tools including the SME trainer Playbook, SME Trainer Toolkit and Self-led Training for SME Trainers. The credit union made training decisions based on the results of a needs assessment and analysis, which helped breakdown operational silos and foster a partnership approach to solving business issues that also improved interdepartmental communications and efficiencies. As a result, 100% of the organization was trained and ready for the conversion.

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