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CUNA CFO Council announces 2018-2019 Executive Committee and Award Winners

By CUNA Councils05.24.2018

The 2018-2019 Executive Committee for CUNA CFO Council was announced at the CUNA CFO Council Conference, May 20-23, in Austin,...

O & ME

6 Ways to Get Members on Board With Investing

By Robert Comfort05.23.2018

Investment services can make a critical difference to members’ financial well-being and a credit union’s bottom line.


Be Smarter, Safer

By Bill Merrick05.23.2018

Theresa Payton, the first woman to serve as White House chief information officer and star of the reality TV show,...


Two Ways to Boost Your Investment Portfolio Performance

By Olivia Barrow05.23.2018

As any chief financial officer (CFO) will tell you, it takes hard work to build and maintain an investment portfolio.

M & BD

‘Report Card’ Highlights Community Giving

By Ron Jooss05.23.2018

As Barb Bowker puts it, PSECU’s Community Report Card is an expression of credit union philosophy.


Driverless Cars Could Have a Substantial Effect on Auto Lending

By Jordan Van Rijn05.23.2018

Driverless cars and rideshare services could cause the demand for auto loans fall, and the collateral used for current loans could...

M & BD

Helping Small Businesses Help Themselves

By Murthy Veeraghanta05.21.2018

The reasons for small business failure may not be include a lack of market preparedness.


Analyzing ALM Efficacy

By Michael Oravetz05.21.2018

With the end of the record low rate environment, it’s time for credit unions to examine their balance sheets and...


New Tech and Digital Banking System Emphasizes Security

By Roy Urrico05.21.2018

New fraud prevention/detection and banking tools have been launched by CO-OP Financial Services, Fiserv and Mahalo Technologies.


Leveraging a Digital Lending System to Help Drive Indirect Auto Loans

By Bill Meyer05.21.2018

CU Direct recently partnered with Visions Federal Credit Union on a case study that took a close look at the...

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