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PODCAST: Emerging Leader Thrives on Challenges

By Adam Mertz12.13.2017

Rachel Guyselman has advice for young credit union professionals who enjoy presenting ideas to their managers: Don’t take feedback personally.


Reduce Clutter, Increase Transactions

By Patrick Totty12.13.2017

Mobile app providers are proud of the variations and advances they’ve brought to the financial industry.


4 Reasons to Expect Strong Loan Growth in 2018

By Mike Schenk12.13.2017

Despite some concerns about the economy in 2018, credit union loan portfolios are on track to grow more than 10%...

M & BD

Communicator Remains ‘CU Strong’

By Patrick Totty12.13.2017

Lacey Weaver recently endured a year that presented heartbreak, intense work, and one beautiful interlude: a death, a flood, an...


Prudent Lending Practices for a Hurry-Up World

By James Bullard12.13.2017

While technology allows loan approval in seconds, it also fuels the fastest-growing type of fraud: online loan application fraud.


SERPs Evolve to Address Retention, Too

By Scott Tauschek12.13.2017

For the 19% of credit unions that provide SERPs that mirror bonus plans, the most common plan contribution is 25%...

M & BD

New CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council White Paper Discusses Martech

By Beth Stetenfeld12.12.2017

The CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council has published a new white paper, “Martech: Emerging Marketing Technologies & Trends”.

O & ME

The Four Elements of Financial Well-Being

By Ben Morales12.11.2017

Credit unions must understand the four elements of financial well-being and how to help improve the borrowing and saving experience...

M & BD

How Do You Sustain Good Member Experience? (Hint: Think Marathon Training)

By Sarah Lietz12.11.2017

To keep our members-first reputation, we need to train like athletes.


Remarkable Facts about Remittances

By David England12.11.2017

Worldwide, an estimated 582 billion U.S. dollars was sent by immigrants to relatives in their home countries in 2015.

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