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End of Payday Loans? CFPB Final Rule Sets Small-Dollar Loan Cap

By CUToday10.16.2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released a final version of its rule around short-term, small-dollar loans, which includes a...


With New Ecosystems, Is the Future Bright for Banking?

By Ronald Van Loon10.16.2017

Next year is likely to be a game-changing year for the banking and finance sector. As the General Data Protection...

O & ME

A Better Way to Pay Consumers: Making the Move to Digital Disbursements

By Tammi Shapiro and Paul Diegelman10.16.2017

Sometimes life simply moves too fast for paper checks and other slower payment options. Businesses that send payments to consumers...

M & BD

The Most Impactful New Trend in Credit Union Website Design

By Derik Krauss10.16.2017

There are many different reasons people visit your credit union website, which means a one-size-fits-all experience is actually a one-size-fits-few...


Employment Law Update

By Michael Patrick O'Brien10.16.2017

Conflicts on applicable legal rules continue to erupt in the administration of President Donald Trump. 


How Safe Are You from Overdraft Lawsuits?

By Henry Meier10.16.2017

Just because you use a model form when asking members if they want to opt-in to overdraft protections, don’t assume...

O & ME

Fiserv wins CUNA Councils speed round best of show with voice banking technology

By CUNA Councils10.13.2017

The Best of Show winner of the CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference Speed...

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