Operations & Member Experience Professional of the Year Award Winner Archive

The Professional of the Year award was inaugurated in 2014.

2019 Winner

Kristin Steede

    Kristin Steede
    VP Learning & Development
    Verve, a Credit Union
    Oshkosh, WI

2018 Winner

Wendie Ellis

    Wendie Ellis
    AVP Branch and Loan Operations
    Numerica Credit Union
    Spokane Valley, WA

2017 Winner

Steve Langley

    Steve Langley
    Senior Vice President, Member Services
    and Chief Retail Officer
    Schools Financial Credit Union

While a driver of results – Steve recognizes the need to place an incredible amount of value in those he leads. Steve has not only made significant impact at Schools Financial Credit Union and his previous Credit Union, he has been deeply involved in the Credit Union industry and a key driver in the movement. Steve has held various positions with CUNA. Steve was a member of the CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Member Resources and Conference Committees, advancing to the Executive Committee from 2010 to 2016 and held the role of Chair from 2013 to 2015. He has also participated on the Nominations Committee, the Emerging Issues Committee and most recently, the Creating Awareness Advisory Group with CUNA. Steve has not only led change in the sales and member experience culture within Schools Financial Credit Union but continues to be a driver for the industry as a whole

2016 Winner

The Award is not given every year, and there was no recipient in 2016. 


2015 Winner

Lori Gallagos

Lori Gallegos
First Credit Union
Chandler, AZ
First Community Credit Union

Gallegos was recognized for her achievements in the implementation of First Credit Union’s sales and service initiative. This included structured training beginning in new employment orientation, at a 30-day follow up and then again 2 to 4 months into their employment building towards a member service certification. She also implemented a certified lender program to give lending staff the skills to help their members improve their financial status.

2014 Winner

Stephanie Finck Stephanie Finck
VP of Operations
First Community Credit Union
Jamestown, ND

Finck was recognized for her achievements in the improvement of First Community's Guaranteed Asset Protection/Auto Deductible Reimbursement (GAP/ADR) sales penetration and the implementation of Kasasa across their member base - as well as its subsequent effect on their checking program. “Kasasa provided a unique win/win solution to make or save the member and the credit union money,” stated Finck. Additionally, her sales and service initiative stood out for its depth, well thought-out approaches and full inclusion of front line and back office staff.