Additional Resources for Members from CUNA

CUNA logoThe CUNA Councils are a part of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the premier national trade association serving America's credit unions.

In addition to the many resources available to you as part of your Council membership, there are also many offered free from CUNA to member credit unions. Additionally, CUNA offers many valuable fee-based resources for you and your credit union.

The following are highlights of those resources on CUNA's website.

  • denotes "members-only" material at CUNA (login required - click here for help)
  • denotes "fee-based" offerings


On-Site & E-Schools:

Dozens of programs conducted throughout the year, focused in the following areas:

  • Board & Volunteers
  • Compliance
  • Finance & Economics
  • HR & Training
  • Lending & Collections
  • Management & Leadership
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Operations, Sales & Service
  • Security & Technology

Council members receive a $100 discount on most CUNA schools, institutes and conferences.

Self-Study Certificate/Designation Programs:

Courses are provided in print and/or online formats. For proven results, exams are offered for every course.

  • Courses for Credit Union Staff and Managers
    • CU Advance - an interactive, competency-based learning program developed by CUNA Center for Professional Development. Learners take courses based on their own personal competencies, knowledge, training, and experience.
    • CU REg Trac - two levels of compliance training designed for noncompliance and compliance staff
    • Staff Training and Recognition Program (STAR) - Training for Front-line and operational staff.
    • Management Enrichment Program (MERIT ) - Designed for both beginning and experienced supervisors and managers.
  • Courses for Credit Union Board Members and Volunteers
    • Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) - Complete orientation and training on credit union operations for volunteers .
  • Courses for Credit Union Executives
    • Certified Executive Program (CEP) - Strategic management college-level courses for senior level staff.
    • Specialty Certifications
    • Certified Financial Management Specialist
    • Certified Marketing Specialist
    • Certified Human Resource Specialist
    • Certified Compliance Specialist
    • Certified Lending Specialist
  • Specialty Credit Union Staff Training

    • Regulatory Training and Certification Program (RegTraC) - Basic and advanced compliance training for staff, managers, and compliance officers.
    • Financial Counseling Certification Program


CPDOnline is a web-based training service providing the tools to manage a credit union training program from start to finish. CPDOnline offers more than 200 online credit union courses designed to help the credit union staff, managers, and volunteers build credit union compliance, management, lending, member service, marketing, human resource, and other skills through interactive courses and follow-up exams.


CPD conducts 150 -200 webinars annually, focused on a variety of topics and targeting various levels of credit union staff from front line to CEOs. CUNA Councils members receive $50 discount on webinars



Market Research

  • CU Member & Nonmember Surveys
  • Member Financial Literacy Survey
  • Customized & Semi-Customized Member Surveys
  • Snapshot Surveys
  • Business Services Surveys
  • Community Charter Surveys
  • Web site Satisfaction Surveys
  • SEG-Satisfaction Surveys
  • Member Channel Preference Surveys
  • Employee-Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • CU Environmental Scan

Strategic Research Resources:

  • E-Scan Report
  • E-Scan Video
  • E-Scan PowerPoint
  • Credit Union Environmental Scan Strategic Planning Kit
  • Salary & Compensation Surveys
  • Member Research
  • Operational Research
  • Credit Union Growth
  • Technology Research

Advisory Services

The Advisory Services scope of expertise includes credit union assessments and consulting in the areas of:

  • Member Business Services Consulting
  • Marketing Services
    • Member Experience Assessment
    • Growth Management
    • Brand Development & Training
  • Community Charter Conversion
  • Additional Advisory Services

Credit Union Statistics

  • Monthly Credit Union Estimates
  • Credit Union Reports
  • Annual Credit Union Data
  • Top 100 Credit Unions
  • Recent CU Trends (10-year; Detailed Overview)
  • Bankruptcy: State-by-state overview
  • CAMEL ratios
  • Tax Estimates
  • Asset Quality Trends
  • Asset Quality Trends by State
  • CUNA's Analysis of CURIA's PCA Reform: Risk-Based Capital

CU vs. Bank Comparisons

  • Congressional District Level Credit Union Member Benefits
  • Frequently Requested CU/Bank Comparisons
  • Commercial Banks & Credit Unions: Facts, Fallacies, and Recent Trends
  • State by State Bank/CU Overviews
  • State by State Credit Union Member Benefits
  • CURIA: State by State Bank/Credit Union Member Business Loan Comparisons

Economic Data & Interest Rates

  • Economic Forecast, CU Forecast - In brief words and numbers here are forecasts for the economy overall and CUs in particular.
  • 2-minute Economic Overview (Updated regularly) PowerPoint of current/historical data on GDP, CPI, interest rates, consumer debt, car & home sales, mortgage rates, and more.
  • Daily Financial Rates (Weekdays) The daily numbers for Treasury Yield Curve, T-Bills, Prime Rate, Federal Funds, Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae, LIBOR, Commercial Paper.
  • Key Economic Indicators (Weekly)




  • CUNA News Now - Headlines via email.
  • Newswatch - NewsWatch shows your dues at work. For CUNA's 9,000 member credit unions and leagues, NewsWatch highlights what CUNA is doing on your behalf.
  • Credit Union Magazine (*council members receive a free, non-deductible annual digital subscription)
  • CU Front Line Newsletter - monthly advice to educate front-line staff on sales strategies and member service
  • CU Directors Newsletter - a monthly update to keep directors up-to-speed on the latest news, trends, and research findings
  • CU 360 Online Research and Advice Portal - combines market insights and thought leadership with interactive, innovative, benchmarking and analytical tools
  • Connection - free quarterly newsletter links advertising, member education, and financial literacy ideas for credit union marketers
  • Online Member Education Tools:
    • Lifestage - a continuum of online products for every age group.
    • eTools - tools your members can use to learn more about finances and become savvy consumers.
    • EZ Marketing - time-saving resources to work more efficiently., reduce your workload, and provide reliable personal finance information.



Regulatory Advocacy

  • RegWatch / Hot Topics
  • Comment Calls Final Rule Analysis
  • NCUA Board meetings
  • Info Related to Corporate CU Stabilization
  • Emerging Tech Developments
  • Analysis of NCUA Opinion Letters
  • Analysis of NCUA Letters to Credit Unions
  • Important Legal Cases for Credit Unions
  • ID/ Theft Security ( Legal, Regulatory & BITS info)
  • Accounting Issues for Credit Unions
  • Due Diligence Task Force
  • Operation Comment
  • Federal CU Act Legislative History
  • Legal and Regulatory Directory


  • What's' New in Compliance (Compilation of Federal Developments)
  • e-Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations
  • Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Guide
  • Compliance Challenge
  • COBWEB (Compliance List Serve)

Political Affairs

Provides Grassroots and Political Action Committee development and support. They assist credit unions and leagues with developing successful political programs, offering fundraising ideas and support, and aiding grassroots and member support programs.

  • Grassroots Action Center (CapWiz),
  • Political Programs
    • CULAC - CUNA's Political Action Committee
    • Hike the Hill Programs
    • Project Zip Code
    • Project Differentiation
    • Political Action Network (PLAN)
    • Political Affairs Survey Research
  • Educational Programs
    • CUNA Advocacy Training Program
    • CUNA Campaign School
    • Online Training Courses
      • Communicating the Credit Union Difference
      • Direct Lobbying at the Grassroots Level
      • Campaign Involvement
      • Public Affairs & Communication Strategies
  • Elections
    • Election Action Center
    • Election watch

Legislative Affairs

  • Legislative Issues A-Z
  • U.S. Congress Contacts
  • Congressional Visit Briefing Material
  • Congressional Calendars
  • CUNA Letters to Congress
  • CUNA Testimony
  • State Governmental Affairs
    • Major Issues
    • Bills Introduced
    • Laws Enacted
    • Legislative Calendars
    • State Legislatures' Websites

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