Sponsorship Committee

Committee Mission:

Attract and maintain relationships with quality vendors interested in sponsoring the Council at the annual conference.  Seek ways to increase more sponsorship opportunities for partners through website, webinars and other programs.

Key Functions:

  • Develop strategies and take necessary actions that find new sponsors while nurturing existing sponsors allowing the council to meet or exceed our sponsor revenue goals for the annual conference. 
  • Identify and contact vendors to determine areas of expertise and interest.
  • Determine actions /resources to increase and enhance sponsor involvement
  • Conduct a post conference sponsor survey to measure satisfaction and discover new ideas to add value for the sponsors
  • Conduct thank-you reception at the conference to celebrate and thank sponsors for their support as well as encourage feedback for an improved experience
  • Review and recommend changes to augment current sponsor agreements or benefits

Time Commitment: 

6-8 conference calls /year (30-60 minutes each).  Additional time to conduct phone calls, e-mails and other contacts necessary to acquire new and retain existing sponsors.

Action Items:

To achieve our goals the following activities/timing will take place with the support of the committee members and CUNA staff –

  • Potential Sponsors: Identify and contact potential sponsors by [month /date]
  • Retention: Follow up e-mails, calls and/or letters to existing sponsors to encourage continued involvement; gain commitments for next year w/in six months.
  • Promotion & Benefits: Discuss overall sponsor benefits, potential additions and ways to add value to current sponsors. Encourage full participation in all opportunities for involvement.
  • Recognition: Support efforts to recognize sponsors for their contributions at conference and other participation. Send thank you letters to all sponsors after the conference.
  • On-Site Thank You:  Conduct thank-you reception at conference to invite feedback for future consideration Survey:. Develop survey for post-conference distribution. Discuss results and implement valued improvements.


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Last updated: 2/7/17