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Building Your Unique Corporate Culture

Friday August 6 at 11 am CT

Credit unions pride themselves on being a culture-driven workplace.  Understanding and growing your culture is a key strategy to attract and retain the best staff while delivering a top-notch member experience.  

Join us on this session as we reach outside our own industry to an expert in luxury hospitality for a unique perspective on culture.  Hear tips on how to maintain that high level of customer service through a well trained and highly engaged staff.   

Adam will share with us his ideas for understanding the impact of culture in the workplace. 

• Identifying the culture and purpose of your organization. 

• Introducing and planting cultural changes or “seeds” into your organization. 

• Understanding how culture grows within an organization. 

• Learning how to help your culture flourish and grow and not impede or road block it’s development and growth. 

Meet Your Speaker:

Speaker Image

Adam Tuttle Adam Tuttle

Principal Consultant

Economy Luxury LLC

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