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CUNA Investment Certification eSchool: Advanced

October 3-31, 2022


This eSchool is designed to teach professional credit union investors the math principles that underlie securities. Attendees experience the importance of these principles by learning how to set up the investment problems in a way that leads to an optimal solution. This is an advanced learning experience that unveils the common misapplication of conventional wisdom and teaches attendees an analytical framework to help investors to objectively make better risk/reward decisions independently.

The program is designed to help objectively answer 5 critical due diligence questions:

  1. Why did you buy this bond?
  2. Why didn’t you buy something else?
  3. Why this sector?
  4. Why this percentage in this sector?
  5. What process did you go through to gain assurance that this was the best course of action for your institution?

Who Should Attend?

This eSchool is beneficial for CFOs, finance professionals, chief investment officers, investment analysts and accountants, controllers, comptrollers, auditors, risk managers, directors, ALCO members, volunteers and CEOs.

This eSchool is endorsed by CUNA Finance Council.