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Generational Differences in Digital Payments & Currency

June 23, 2022 // 11:00 am CT


We can all agree the world is very different in 2022 than it was in 1982, especially as it pertains to how we use and accept money. There are big differences between the generations and some can be rather large. When we look at the various options available to make a purchase with digital currency and compare that to how we function in our everyday lives, understanding the differences of each generation is important to target individuals with products and services.

The advancement of technology and the explosion of digital currency have provided new methods of exchanging currency in ways we never considered possible. The impacts Covid-19 has had on the way we use and exchange money is important to consider as well. Jennifer is a Certified Payment Professional with the Electronic Transaction Association, a credit and debit card expert in both the Acquiring and Issuing banking industry, and a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert with the Blockchain Council. Join us for an exciting hour as she shares her knowledge and provides recommendations for Credit Unions to consider as they make plans to keep and attract new members. We will cover the following:

  • What are digital currencies and the differences between them?
  • What are the various generations and the differences between them?
  • How did Covid-19 impact the method of accepting payments?
  • What are the key factors to consider as your Credit Union creates, reevaluates, or defines its payment strategy?
  • What options are available for Credit Unions to consider while target marketing their members for 2022 and beyond? 

This session is Council member-only.  Only register if you are a current CUNA Councils member.  

Meet Your Speakers:

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Jennifer Stadler, CPP Jennifer Stadler, CPP

Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Communications


Jennifer has over 20 years of sales, marketing, operational, and management leadership focused on the payments industry. Jennifer was first introduced to the payments industry working for Bank of America for several years in the early ’90s and then moved into restaurant operations working for a large restaurant corporation where she eventually supervised the daily operations and staff for several individual restaurants locations. With general banking and operational experience, Jennifer focused her career efforts on payments, working for several merchant service providers where she held various management and executive leadership positions during her tenure, including serving as Marketing Manager where she was instrumental in bringing new products to market, Director of Operations where she supervised ACH payment services, National Sales Director providing the growth strategy for strategic partner sales across the U.S., and Vice President of Operations overseeing the underwriting, monitoring, risk and support services for merchant accounts. With her diverse background and knowledge of payments, management, and marketing skills and passion for public speaking, Jennifer was promoted to Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications for PaymentsFirst. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys gardening, photography, painting, and cooking and is an avid outdoor enthusiast as she has hiked major portions of both the Pacific Coast Trail (West) and the Appalachian Trail. (East) 

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