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Member Behaviors Make Total Experience the New Imperative

August 30, 2022 // 11 am CT

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It’s a tumultuous time. Credit Union leaders and executives need to understand how their members look to them for their banking needs. With so much upheaval it’s incredibly important to understand how member behaviors have evolved and what stayed the same. Here’s the truth: Customers are not always “mobile-first”. Understanding how they value banking channels makes all the difference in the future of credit union products, services, and channels.

This session draws on surveys administered by Gartner before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic to expose how retail financial services customers really want to work with their chosen institutions. Join us to see what these changes, or lack thereof, mean for moving forward.

  • Discover how member behavior changed through the pandemic
  • Find new ways to connect with your members
  • Understand what the future might hold for financial services leaders 

This session is Council member-only.  Only register if you are a current CUNA Councils member.  

Meet Your Speaker:

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Jason Malo Jason Malo

Director Analyst


Jason Malo supports banking and financial services clients on multichannel customer engagement, cloud computing strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) applications and best practices, the impact of neobanks on the global banking markets, and strategic approach to data management.

In particular, Jason focuses on the best way to use all channels across customer journeys and how customer expectations and needs should shape thinking. Deeper knowledge of mobile and online self-service includes both how to be competitive, as well as how to employ innovative approaches using a blend of virtual servicing and AI.

AI and Cloud Computing are often subject to significant levels of hype, and Jason is always keen to focus on the value drivers, best use cases, governance and support for these transformative technologies.

And while data underpins all aspects of information technology, often Jason will focus banks on their ability to identify, classify, and manage large swaths of data to its best use rather than prolific use.

Mr. Malo spent 10 years with Bank of America in both technology and business roles leading projects balancing customer experience and security of the online banking platform. He started with BofA as a Developer of online platforms and databases, including data governance and platform transition activities for internal teams in corporate investment and retail banking. Following that, he managed the development, roadmaps, and go-to-market strategies for cloud-based products addressing threats to network infrastructure, personal information and online commerce over a five-year tenure with Verisign.

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