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Tom Bennett

Principal Consultant, PSCU’s Advisors Plus

Tom Bennett is a Principal Consultant with Advisors Plus, a business unit within PSCU. He advises credit unions on ways to enhance portfolio growth and profitability through data analytics, performance benchmarking and product assessments. His combination of consulting knowledge and industry experience provides an informed and unique perspective to solve the challenges of our clients.

Tom has been in financial services and payments for over 30 years. His career covers a variety of roles in consulting and banking managing deposits, debit and credit cards, loans, online services, and other key aspects of retail banking. Prior to joining Advisors Plus, Tom was a senior consultant with Profit Insight, and prior to that held senior roles with SunTrust and Wachovia. His expertise spans product management, new product development, margin management, fee income management, product profitability, mergers and integration, research, and analytics.