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Mike Higgins

Mike Higgins & Associates (MHA)

Mike Higgins, Jr., is a partner in the firm of Mike Higgins & Associates (MHA). His primary areas of focus are performance management, performance-based compensation, board education, and strategic planning to maximize member value. Mike is also a Filene Applied Research Advisor and guest-lectured at the inaugural Center for Performance and Operational Excellence Research Colloquium at Stanford University.

Since 1998, Mike has worked with over 300 community-sized credit unions and banks. He coauthored the book Performance Compensation for Stakeholders: 14 Prerequisites for Success. Prior to joining MHA, Mike was a consultant at Deloitte. Mike received his MBA from the University of Kansas and an undergraduate degree in finance from Nebraska Wesleyan University (NWU). While at NWU, Mike was an Academic All-American and was inducted into the NWU Athletic Hall of Fame. Mike is a founding investor in Pacific Enterprise Bank, headquartered in Irvine, CA.