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Jennifer Donohue

Vice President, Sales Strategy
Disney Ad Sales

Jennifer Donohue is the Vice President of Sales Strategy for the Disney Advertising Sales Local division. Under her leadership, she manages sales strategy across Disney’s expansive Linear and Addressable ad sales teams, focusing on multi-media opportunities for marketers. Jennifer also leads local, regional, and political advertising sales channels nationally for Disney, driving impressive incremental revenue for the business at large.

Prior to Hulu’s integration into Disney, Jennifer served as Vice President of Local Advertising Sales at Hulu where she managed local, regional, and political sales channels for the platform. She had direct oversight of all sales strategies related to local and regional market demands and led the expansion of Hulu’s creative resource offerings for local and regional buyers; ultimately, assisting in maximizing the targeted-campaign opportunities in streaming TV.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Ohio University.