Alex Michaud

Alex Michaud, SVP/CIO of True Sky Federal Credit Union, has championed a series of initiatives that meld technology with tradition. At the heart of his mission is the innovative “staffless” branch, a testament to the future of banking, bringing the power of digital integration to the forefront by integrating several video banking platforms to provide an intuitive member experience. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of members, Alex led the implementation of the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) program at his organization, ensuring seamless banking experiences. Under his guidance, True Sky established a comprehensive Project Management Office, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Adept at navigating the intricacies of Mergers and Acquisitions, Alex has played a pivotal role in strategic growth while ensuring technology remains an embedded culture within the credit union. Alex's vision is clear: to immerse banking in the potentials of technology, making it an intrinsic part of the credit union's ethos.

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