21st Annual CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference

September 12-15, 2018 | Hilton San Francisco Union Square | San Francisco, CA


  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Daniel Burrus Technology Futurist and Business Strategist
    The Anticipatory Organization™: The Missing Competency

    If you want to jump ahead of the competition—at low risk to your organization—forget agility. Forget crisis management. The main skill you need to thrive in a business environment marked by hyperchange and uncertainty is the ability to accurately anticipate the future. This may seem impossible. It’s not!

    Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is globally recognized for his exceptional 30+ year record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces converge to create untapped opportunities. Based on decades of research and experience applying his hard trend methodology to leading companies worldwide, he has identified the missing competency: anticipation.

    With the Anticipatory Organization model, Burrus enables business leaders to identify the hard trends that will happen, predict disruptions before they disrupt, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

    Daniel Burrus uses illustrative examples to teach attendees how to separate HARD TRENDS—trends that will happen—from SOFT TRENDS—trends that might happen. When you learn to analyze and perceive trends this way, it is possible to tap into what Burrus calls EVERYDAY INNOVATION, solving challenges faster, and recognizing previously invisible opportunities.His eye-opening and motivating presentation will teach attendees the key components of the new core competency—anticipation—and show them how to apply it to their work and life, which will accelerate both their organizations’ growth and their personal success.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER Nicholas Epley Professor of Behavioral Science, University of Chicago
    Understanding Misunderstanding from the Inside Perspective

    Understanding why people buy what they buy, think what they think, and act as they do requires understanding how those people evaluate the world through their own eyes and from their own inside perspective. One reason companies misunderstand their consumers, leaders misunderstand their followers, and managers misunderstand their clients is because they inherently evaluate other people from an outside perspective. In this presentation, Epley addresses what behavioral scientists have learned about these two differing perspectives, describes how they create systematic misunderstanding between people, and shares with audiences how you can align your perspective with others to understand them better in both your professional as well as personal life.

Connect & Innovate

At the co-located CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference and CUNA Technology Council Conference, attendees can learn new strategies to innovate and connect with one another within and across their business areas. From thought provoking keynote sessions to updates on the latest industry trends, you’ll return to your credit union with new knowledge, confidence and passion.


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