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in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.

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Speed Rounds

Thank you to all of the participants of the 2023 Speed Rounds!

If you were unable to attend CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council and CUNA Technology Council Conference this year or want to watch the Speed Rounds again, just click the links below and you can watch all 22 of the outstanding presentations.


Blend - Today’s demo will walk us through a multi-product, omnichannel origination experience designed to maximize the relationship between members and their credit unions. The demo will highlight the seamless applicant and banker workflows, enhanced by capabilities including automated decisioning, debt consolidation and cross-sell opportunities, and convenient application management.

Contact information:

Katie Oro, Solutions Engineer

Effectiv - Effectiv provides a fraud and compliance automation platform for credit unions. We automate compliance needs while helping manage fraud with a unified solution combining human and artificial intelligence. Effectiv’s solutions utilize hundreds of industry-leading data sources utilizing expert-built solutions that come pre-integrated with best-in-class data intelligence.

Contact information:

Erika Olmstead, Customer Success Manager


Directlink – Directlink is a conversational banking platform that connects everything credit unions need to effortlessly communicate with members across channels. Our crafted solution helps you deliver best-in-class member experience while easing the burden on member service staff.

Contact information:

Ben Nichols, Co-Founder & Head of Product

Finalytics.AI - Silicon Valley-based is the first platform to apply real-time big data and machine learning in a way that creates a segment of one experience that addresses the unique needs of prospective and new members and customers of community financial institutions. The platform dynamically segments incoming real time information from multiple sources concerning an individual then presents curated content unique to that person. This allows institutions to compete more effectively, drive member and customer acquisition and improve retention. Visit to learn more. 

Contact information:

Craig McLaughlin, Co-Founder, CEO

Mary Ryan, Co-Founder, Chief Analytics Officer

MANTL - MANTL builds market-leading omni-channel account opening software to help banks and credit unions grow up to 78% faster and 4x more cost-effectively. From consumers to complex commercial businesses, MANTL’s products provide a superior experience for every kind of member—online, in-branch, or on the go. 

Contact information:

David Carlson, Head of Sales

Rivial – Rivial's Cybersecurity Management Platform allows IT and Security professionals one user-friendly platform to accurately measure the financial impact of their IT Risks, automate compliance, and easily manage their security programs. 

Contact information:

Keaton Tanzer, Sales Manager

Lucas Hathaway, Chief Revenue Officer

LinkLive – LinkLive is a modern, secure communications platform designed for financial services, including chat, SMS, voice, video and screen share capabilities. LinkLive has pre-built, workflows supporting multiple use cases that deliver amazing outcomes.

Contact information:

Mike Kundrat, Account Executive

Mahalo Banking – Mahalo's Thoughtful Banking platform delivers humanized digital banking capabilities to accommodate members with neurodiverse distinctions, such as dyslexia, autism, colorblindness, ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, visual sensitivity, ASD, etc. The platform’s features include colorblindness color themes, dyslexic-friendly fonts, left-handed toggle options and more, ensuring every member enjoys an exceptional digital banking experience.

Contact information:

Denny Howell, Co-founder/COO

Gina Kovacs, VP of Sales

Portx – Integration Manager facilitates the design, development, deployment, management, and monitoring of custom APIs. It provides an array of developer-friendly tools, enabling continuous delivery and deployment of integrations while breaking free from the constraints of expensive and cumbersome ESBs.

Contact information:

Kent Brown, CTO


TTEC Digital – Genesys Cloud enables omnichannel interactions and empower call centers with artificial intelligence-powered self-service, voice, digital and workforce analytics. SmartApps Cloud is a purpose-built financial services solution built on Genesys Cloud to enable member self-service, streamline authentication, reduce fraud, and improve the overall member experience.

Contact information:

Scott Ridgway

Michael Shrall

Allied Solutions – A video platform offering a transformative approach to building video, empowering credit unions to create videos better, faster, and in a more scalable way. Leverage personalization and artificial intelligence at scale to meet your members where they are.

Contact information:

Charlie Peterson, SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Ian Gold, Sales Director, National Accounts

WithClutch – WithClutch's mission is to change credit unions into FinTechs. We truly believe in financial fairness and want to help millions of American's save millions, and help credit unions, gain and retain members so decided to build a loan application and digital account opening solution for the credit union, making it a seamless, and user friendly experience for everyone involved from the member itself to the underwriters and everyone in between. 

Contact information:

Nicholas Hinrichsen, CEO/ Co-Founder

Trellance– Trellance Analytics presents a comprehensive solution that empowers Credit Unions to dismantle data silos, providing a holistic view of their members and Predictive Analytics. With its adaptable product architecture, Credit Unions gain access to ready-to-use dashboards with the flexibility to deliver unparalleled insights and decision-making capabilities.

Contact information:

Paolo Canciari, Sales Engineer

Spinwheel – Spinwheel's 1-Click Solutions are transforming consumer debt and lending solutions using only a phone number and birthdate. Credit Unions receive real-time, verified consumer and loan data – along with the ability to take several actions on the debt – that you can’t get anywhere else. Revolutionize current processes like Balance Transfers, PreQualification, Direct Pay, Debt Management, and more.

Contact information:

Tomas Campos, CEO and Co-Founder


Apiture– Embedded Banking is a strategy for financial institutions to grow beyond the branch using strategic partnerships. Embedded Banking is when financial institutions are empowered to offer financial services through various distribution channels to meet members where they already are, including through partner channels. This allows banking to become part of broader, traditionally non-financial value propositions with benefits for the financial institution, non-bank partners, and members alike. 

At its core, Embedded Banking is just taking banking data and functions, and putting them elsewhere to reach members and prospects in new digital spaces.

Contact information:

Danielle Eriksson, VP, Product


Spiral – The award-winning Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that enables credit unions to grow deposits and increase engagement through community and environmental impact.

Contact information:

Shawn Melamed, CEO and Co-founder


zLinq – The zLinq Communications Lifecycle Management platform provides Credit Unions with a comprehensive view of their entire Voice, Data/WAN, Contact Center, mobility, and Unified Communications systems, enabling them to simplify the responsibilities of buying, managing, and optimizing all voice and data assets.

Contact information:

Tatiana Finkelsteyn, CEO

Stew Maurer, VP of Marketing


CoNetrix – An online application for managing vendor contracts, documents, request items, etc.

Contact information:

Leticia Saiid, Chief of Staff


Posh – Discover how Credit Unions amplify their business with Posh's Knowledge Assistant. Posh enabled Call Center teams effortlessly access information, and ditch hold times. Learning and Development teams rapidly onboard agents with instant content training. Posh AI-assisted agents will immediately impact your Credit Union's operational performance.

Contact information:

Ryan Warfield, Principal Sales Engineer

Access Softek

Access Softek, Inc. – Access Digital Conversational Account Opening is an innovative and engaging approach to account opening, offering a digital experience that mimics a conversation with a human account officer.

Conversational Account Opening engages the applicant in a digital process that flows like a conversation instead of a filling out generic web form. For the applicant, the conversational style interface is more engaging, more familiar, and feels less like an unpleasant chore the member has to grind through. For the financial institution, it provides more marketing differentiation and makes it easier to offer the right products and cross-sell in a less intrusive way. As a result, the applicants complete applications promptly and open more accounts with the right products, just as they would if they walked into a branch and talked to an account officer.

Contact information:

Marcus Bales, Senior Sales Engineer


LemonadeLXP – LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that helps FIs and fintechs quickly create effective training and support tools to grow their digital banking business and maximize the ROI on their technology investments.

Contact information:

John Findlay, CEO

LemonadeLXP – Sphere is the industry-first Generative AI-powered multimodal ChatGPT-like AI assistant for financial institutions. It enables to provide both customers and employees with unparalleled banking experiences.

Sphere for Customers is a ChatGPT-like universal channel that replaces online mobile banking with an AI assistant that provides intelligent guidance, innovative plugins, and personalized AI assistance.

Sphere for Employees is a ChatGPT-like universal channel that replaces 14-15 applications traditionally juggled by frontline staff, thereby enhancing frontline operations' efficiency by 10x.

Contact information:

Talib Kateeb, Sales Engineer

Srinivas Njay, Founder & CEOv