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CUNA Councils committee structure

Discipline-focused volunteer committees driving the credit union movement

Volunteers make it happen

CUNA Councils are run by over 400 credit union volunteers, with the help of CUNA Councils staff. We’re led by the CUNA Councils Executive Committee, and each individual council has an executive committee and several committees.

CUNA Councils executive committee

The CUNA Councils Executive Committee consists of two officers from six of the Council Executive Committees. The group then elects two individuals to serve as chair and vice chair of the CUNA Councils Executive Committee.

The mission of the CUNA Councils Executive Committee is to:

  • Ensure consistency in administration among councils
  • Share ideas between councils to improve member benefits
  • Support innovative networking within and across councils
  • Encourage collaboration among disciplines 
  • Identify important issues facing practitioners in the industry 
  • Bring awareness to CUNA, CEOs and Council members
  • Assist in creating focus for problem solving

Executive committees

CUNA Councils are member-led professional networks for credit union leaders, and the Executive Committees set the priorities and agenda for their respective Council. 

Executive Committee members are elected to their positions by their Council’s members. All Council members are encouraged to volunteer on committees and run for Executive Committee elections.

Each Executive Committee works to set the agenda for its member-driven professional development network. Executive Committee members for each council are elected to their position by their Council members.


Join more than 400 of your colleagues in helping guide and grow our member-driven professional development group for credit union executives. 

Committee members—with the support of Councils staff—drive Council education, conferences, communication, regulatory watch and more. 

The member-driven volunteer committees help provide education, conferences, communication and engagement to peers.