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Operations & Member Experience Council Executive Committee Election

The CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for its 2022 election.

Please review the campaign statements below and use the web ballot to vote for 4 of the 5 candidates.

Submit your completed ballot no later than 5 PM PT on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. The elected candidates will take their seats on the executive committee at the conclusion of the Technology Council and Operations & Member Experience Council Conference September 21-24, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

* - indicates incumbent

Wendie Ellis *

Director of Payments - Horizon Credit Union, Spokane Valley, WA        

At eighteen, I was fortunate to work next door to a CU. Knowing little about finances, credit or checking accounts, the manager taught me so much! This experience molded my view and belief for how banking should be: purpose-filled and mission-centered on helping others.

Joining the credit union movement in 2000, I’ve had opportunity to serve in diverse leadership and operational roles. These experiences have allowed me to bring forward a passion and conviction of serving others, including working to provide resources and support to Council members.

I deeply value credit unions, the strength we bring to one another and to our collective communities. Further supporting the partnership between the Council and our credit union operational leaders is at the heart of why I wish to continue to serve the OME Executive Committee.

I would be honored to continue my journey of serving you. Thank you for your consideration.  

Jennifer Hamrick *

EVP – Deputy Chief Operating Officer - State Employees’ Credit Union, Raleigh, NC

It is an honor to serve all of you as a member of the OME Executive Committee. Credit unions are a passion for me - when you love what you do and you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work! I am driven by the difference that credit unions make in our communities and in our members’ lives. Committed to our philosophy of “People Helping People,” I have been blessed to be able to do that for the past 28 years in SECU’s branch network, and in numerous operations departments. I currently serve on the OME Member Resources Committee, and I am a very proud CCUE and CUDE. Thank you all for this opportunity to give back to you, and to the credit union movement. 

Jason Rogers *

SVP Member Service - Mountain America Credit Union, Sandy, UT

Shortly after the only bank located in the small town that I grew up in closed their doors, a Credit Union moved in. That Credit Union’s investment had a tremendous impact on the people of my town. I’ve been involved in the Credit Union movement ever since. First as a member, and later as a team member. It is awesome to be part of an industry that actively works to help others. Just as Credit Unions exist to help their members, the CUNA O&ME Council exists to help its members. It is an honor to serve on the executive committee as your Council Chair working to improve collaboration and provide resources for Council members and Credit Union professionals. Working together, we can help one another and make a difference.

Thank you for your commitment to the Credit Union movement. I would welcome the opportunity to continue serving on your O&ME Council to give back and further the Credit Union movement.

Elton Brooks

Vice President, Retail Operations - Dow Chemical ECU, Midland, MI

Carla Harris once said, “By definition, your authenticity is your competitive advantage. Nobody can be you the way that you can be you”. As a member of the Executive Committee, what I will bring is myself. I bring my experience, my successes and my failures, my voice, and able hands to get work done. I have served on many community Boards, and I am most proud of the work that I have done through my fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma. The work of CUNA is to create spaces for credit union to share knowledge in hopes of creating stronger credit unions that support our communities through our collective efforts. As an Executive Committee Member, I would share in this learning and provide thought leadership for future leaders alike.

Carol Rosas

Chief Operating Officer - Eagle Community Credit Union, Foothill Ranch, CA

It is a privilege to be considered for the Operations & Member Experience Council's Executive Committee. I have been in the Credit Union industry for over 20 years, working in the branches, operations, call center, plastics, product development, and ensuring a space for DEI. I have been a member of the Council for ten years and served on the Council's regulatory committee until it was merged. Each position I have held has always focused on service, collaboration, financial education, and positively impacting our members' lives.

We have seen insurmountable growth in our industry through the innovation of products and services. Our Council and the collaboration of peers has helped push the Credit Union Movement forward, always with our member's best interest as the focal point. I will work to support the Council in this continued endeavor. I appreciate your consideration and welcome the opportunity to be part of the Executive Committee.