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Membership Committee

Committee Mission

The Membership Committee develops strategies and implements tactics related to onboarding, membership involvement, retention and growth. 

Key Functions

  • Support efforts to attract new members
  • Support member retention efforts
  • Support actions/resources to increase and enhance member involvement
  • Promote Council membership at industry events
  • Leverage League relationships

Time Commitment

Conference calls every six weeks (60 minutes each). Additional time to conduct phone calls, emails and other contacts as determined by the committee, approximately 1-2 hours per month. 

Councils Membership Committees will be conducted as cross-Council meetings. Individual Council Membership Committees meet on an as-needed basis.

Action Items

  • Retention: Outreach through emails, phone calls or letters to all non-renewed parties during February and March 
  • Member promotion: Throughout the year, augment efforts of membership campaigns and activities with prospect emails and phone calls 
  • Onboarding and member involvement: Personally contacting new members by phone and email several times during the first four months of membership to welcome them, answer questions, encourage participation and solicit feedback
  • Surveying: Provide feedback to update and improve member survey annually; review the survey for improvements

CUNA Councils staff provide contact lists and sample message template for Committee members to use.