Adam Remshifski

Adam Remshifski is an Analytics & Digital Marketing Connoisseur. He is fascinated by the science behind marketing – figuring out what members want, when they want it, and how to communicate it. He oversees the strategy, implementation, and enrichment of all marketing technology solutions at his credit union including business intelligence, automation, digital experience, and relational databases. His goal is to discover key data points to create personalized experiences for members. 

Adam graduated from The University of Delaware where he researched how mass marketing narratives influence consumers' perspectives. This is what he has spent most of his career doing, but in the lens of how he can positively change credit union members’ financial lives. His team at American Heritage has been awarded for marketing excellence by CUNA, CrossStates Association, Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association, as well as by Financial Brand as a Power 100 Credit Union Using social media.

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