​​Ann Beecham​

​​What credentials does Ann Beecham possess that make her qualified to speak to a group of HR professionals today? Ann has earned an MBA, completed all the PhD coursework in Organizational Psych (earning her an AbD - All but Dissertation), &, like many in this room, has a list of relevant certifications. But Ann considers her commitment to life-long learning, passion for empowering others, & ability to see the positive & often humorous side to most situations her most valuable qualifications. Her Italian heritage & large nuclear and extended family may be factors in her ongoing pursuit to understand complex multi-generational relationships & communication, but regardless of the journey that led her here today, she comes with the hope we all leave with deeper understanding, expanded knowledge and practical tools to equip us to do what we all strive to do...cultivate more positive environments that benefit both employees and members.​

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