Chase Lesher

Chronicles Distilling is a veteran-owned family distillery, run by Chase and Aaron Lesher, two Marine Corps veterans who also happen to be brothers. The Cheyenne, Wyoming-based distillery produces corn-based spirits, distilled in-house, that are bottled and sold for sale to go, as well as used to make cocktails for sale in their bar on the main level. Chase spent five years as a machine gunner and squad leader with 1st Battalion, 4th Marines. As a member of the “Alpha Raiders,” he specialized in amphibious assaults and training foreign military troops. Today, Chase makes the booze, oversees bar operations and bottle sales, manages the distillery’s social media presence and is the face of the distillery in the community.  Our company motto is “Share Your Stories”, because everyone has an interesting story, and you need something to drink while you share it.

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