Chesley Roberts

Spending the last decade as a paid digital expert, Chesley Roberts has helped brands generate millions of dollars in revenue through digital marketing. At Heart of the Sun, she is responsible for leading their high-performing team in crushing goals for brands and marketing partners. As a strategic problem solver with a focus on scaling companies, Chesley led her first company to acquisition at the age of 24.  She made a name for herself around Austin as one of the original growth hackers. She then joined VC firm, Hangar Ventures, helping it's portfolio clients quadruple their revenue and projections. 

Chesley is now the Director of Campaigns at Heart of the Sun, an agency in Austin specializing in scaling high-growth ecommerce and CPG brands. Utilizing email, paid digital, and traditional marketing tactics paired with beautiful storytelling, she focuses on data driven growth strategies. Running almost exclusively on energy drinks and pickles, she’s always up for a challenge, no matter how weird. 

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