Darich Runyan

Darich Runyan has been working in information security for over 25 years. He is currently VP, Information Security for Langley Federal Credit Union. Prior to the Langley, Darich provided computer network defense services to the Dept. of Defense, as well as to the aviation, maritime, and healthcare business domains. Early in his career, to better understand hacker methods, Darich regularly attended hacker conferences, hacker chats, and read hacker news groups and documents to gain a solid understanding of attacker motivations, tools, techniques, and procedures.

In addition to providing security services, Darich has also used his understanding of attackers to research and develop two new and unique methods of defense; moving target defense and adversary attack path modeling, both of which are used in numerous government and commercial systems. Darich received his Master of Computer Science degree from James Madison University and is a SANS GIAC certified Global Industrial Controls Security Professional.

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