Fabiana Burkett

Fabiana Burkett is the Chief Risk Officer for Orange County’s Credit Union, where she oversees the Enterprise Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Contract Review/Vendor Management programs as well as the Loss Prevention, Investigations, Corporate Insurance, and Internal Audit Administration functions. Prior to joining Orange County’s Credit Union in 2021, Fabiana worked at Xceed Financial Credit Union where, as the Chief Risk Officer, she held responsibilities similar to the ones she has today, and also oversaw the Business Continuity and Information Security functions. Before Xceed, Fabiana worked at Kinecta Federal Credit Union, where, among other roles, she held the Corporate Secretary position and was in charge of the Contracts and Compliance area.

Burkett holds a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, one of the most respected law schools in her native country, Brazil, where she practiced law. She is also a CUES Certified Chief Executive and CUNA-certified Credit Union Enterprise Risk Management Expert and Credit Union Compliance Expert. Fabiana is a member of the CUNA Compliance and Risk Executive Council and the Chair of its Membership Committee.

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