Gordon Howe

Gordon Howe is the President/CEO of UNIFY Financial Credit Union (UNIFY), and has been in the credit union business of “people helping people” for over twenty-five years. Prior to joining UNIFY in 2005, Gordon was the President/CEO at Santa Ana Federal Credit Union. He also held several executive level positions, over some 15 years, at SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union.

Gordon is passionate and committed to helping advance the future of credit unions. He is a proponent of emerging fintech innovation solutions including cryptocurrency, and looks to consider the development of new markets, such as cannabis banking, as potential areas of opportunity for the industry.

He also volunteers his time supporting credit union efforts outside of UNIFY, serving as chair for several Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) and participating on industry related boards.

Gordon studied Finance at California State University, Long Beach earning his B.S. and M.B.A. degrees. His downtime is filled by playing a variety of recreational sports, travelling, and being a father to his four daughters—another position he is grateful to hold.

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