Hilary Reed

​​As the CEO of EmpowerFi, a strategic marketing firm for credit unions, Hilary has been a transformative force in the credit union movement for over 20 years. After a decade-long tenure as SVP of Marketing at a Philadelphia-based credit union, she co-founded EmpowerFi in 2015, bringing a fresh perspective to strategic marketing. Hilary's approach is infused with her creative expertise (evidenced by a splash of YouTube fame with the most-viewed credit union video, attracting nearly 1.2 million views). Her passion for the industry is not just about leading; it's about teaching and inspiring others. Hilary helps educate others in the industry on topics from AI-driven growth to marketing automation, branding, and member engagement. Her mission is to empower credit union professionals with strategic insights, fostering a culture of innovation and forward-thinking for continued success.​

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