​​Jack Gottlieb​

​​Jack Gottlieb, a seasoned senior executive, brings 20+ years of experience in organizational transformation as CEO of Total Solutions Group. Known for aligning culture, strategy, and capability to meet short- and long-term objectives, TSG has driven $3.25 billion in ROI for clients across various industries, including life sciences, credit unions, and manufacturing. 
Jack's executive roles have included Chief Culture Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and then Chief Executive Officer at two credit unions, emphasizing organizational health and performance through employee experience. Jack's intrinsic motivation to improve financial literacy from SEGS to low-income communities, where people understand that money is not the most important thing in life but the most important things in life require money, has fueled his commitment to credit unions. He's a notable thought leader including hosting the successful "L&D Transformation Podcast," now in its third season with more than 100 episodes.​

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