Jake Dunagan

As a pioneer of experiential futures and social foresight, Jake Dunagan has been at the forefront of the field for the last two decades. Jake brings both theoretical rigor and hands-on practical knowledge to his work. He teaches foresight and design futures students at leading institutions including the University of Texas' Center for Integrated Design, California College of the Arts' Design Strategy MBA program, and CENTRO in Mexico City. Highlights from Jake’s work include the ReConstitutional Convention (a global governance design experiment and toolkit), immersive scenarios for the year 2050 for the State of Hawaii Sustainability Taskforce, a tech and ethics toolkit for the UNDP, artifacts from the future of American cities with the United States Conference of Mayors, exhibitions for the Museum of the Future in Dubai and Telefonica Museum in Madrid, and collaborations with many civic organizations, foundations, and businesses around the world. Jake holds a Ph.D. in Political Science (Alternative Futures) from the University of Hawaii, Manoa; an MA in Anthropology (Visual Communication) from Temple University;, and a BA in Anthropology (Radio, TV, Film) from Auburn University.

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