Kris Hackbarth-Horn

​​Kris Hackbarth-Horn’s people-centric leadership philosophy is the driving force behind her approach to helping organizations steward their intentional culture. Starting from inside an organization, Kris fosters an inspiring and caring atmosphere where the needs of team members are considered first. She champions providing opportunity, access to resources, development coaching, and transparent communication. When the most trustworthy and inclusive environment is created, Kris believes team members feel wholistically supported and can be inspired to achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

Through focusing on organizational culture and its impact on people and business, Kris challenges others to think differently. Her expertise includes organizational development, career coaching, conflict resolution, change management, vision setting, and strategic planning.  

​Currently, Kris is the Chief People Officer at Fox Communities Credit Union. Prior to this role, she has led people-centered work in manufacturing, retail, consulting, and non-profits over the last 30 years.​

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