Kyle Stutzman

Kyle Stutzman is a seasoned community banking and credit union executive. He engages fintechs, banks, and credit unions on technology trends, data trends, automation, tech operations, and digital transformation. His interest is not just theoretical but practical application to best leverage technology for growing institutions, engaging members or customers, and preparing for the future. 

He has a love for credit unions and their service culture. He brings a wide range of knowledge and experience from insurance, investments, technical infrastructure, digital and web platforms, banking, and CUSOs.

Six years ago, Kyle co-founded Pure IT to partner with CEO and executives of credit unions to provide technology assessments and strategic roadmaps for their institutions. He co-founded Janusea in 2022, an integration platform focused on connecting innovative tech solutions and community financial institutions. As CEO of Janusea, he is focused on integrations, enabling new solutions, and removing barriers to collaboration in our industry.

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