James Robilotta

​​James is a leadership author, motivational speaker, and trained improv comedian. He has been speaking professionally to willing and unwilling audiences for years and has found that quality humor is the secret to hosting powerful conversations that make a genuine impact. His attendees leave feeling recharged, introspective, and ready to get out of their own way. With years of research (and a few too many real-life case studies within his work), James learned everything he could about authenticity in the workplace. He uses this insight to help leaders learn how to manage and retain talent, give feedback that sticks, and build better teams. James’ cornerstone concept is that we as humans can’t learn from people who are perfect, we can only learn from people who are imperfect. James is working to bring humanity back into the workplace and is on a mission to ensure that in their personal and work life, every human realizes they are enough. ​

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