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Finance Council Executive Committee Election

The Finance Council Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for its 2024 election.

Please review the campaign statements below and use the web ballot to vote for your selected candidates.

Submit your completed ballot no later than 5 PM PT on Friday, May 3, 2024. Ballots received after this date will not be used in the final tabulations. The candidates will take their seats on the executive committee in May 2024 at the conclusion of the annual conference.

* - indicates incumbent

Ed Lis *

First Choice Financial FCU
Gloversville, NY

As a current member of the Finance Council Executive Committee, I seek your support in the upcoming elections. Our journey together has been marked by facing industry challenges and fostering a strong, collaborative community within our credit union movement. My experience on the Executive Committee has deepened my understanding through valuable interactions with our members and colleagues, enriching our collective knowledge and strategies.

Leading the MRC, I've worked with volunteers and staff to develop educational materials, including articles, whitepapers, and roundtables, aimed at enhancing our members' knowledge and benefits. My role as vice-chair of the Engagement Committee has allowed me to connect closely with members, ensuring they receive personalized support and access to resources.

I am passionate about continuing to serve our community, striving to further our educational initiatives and member engagement. Your vote would be greatly appreciated as I look forward to contributing more to our collective success.


Nathan Davidson

Genisys Credit Union
Auburn Hills, MI

I have been a member of the Finance Council for at least the last 10 plus years, and I value what this council provides its members in regards to financial education and other resources. I would absolutely appreciate the opportunity to assist in the development and communication of those resources in any way possible.

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 23 years. My background is extremely diverse in the areas of finance and accounting, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise-wide risk management, compliance, commercial lending and strategic planning. I believe my background offers some very unique perspectives on several of the challenges that we are faced daily as an industry.

I would be honored and very excited to serve on your Executive Committee!

Dan Leclerc

Ent Credit Union
Colorado Springs, CO

I have been part of the Finance Council for most of my 22-year credit union career. The Council has provided may great resources that helped me progress through journey to CFO for Ent Credit Union.  I first joined the Council when I was the Director of Finance for a small $39 million credit union.  I was new to the role and did even know how to spell ALM! Through the educational and networking resources the Council provided, I quickly learned and developed the skills needed to progress in my career.  It would be an honor and privilege to serve on your Executive Committee to continue the great work and help provided a valuable resource for all credit union finance professionals.  


Eric Mangham

Arkansas FCU
Jacksonville, AK

With my extensive history in the industry, specifically in the role of CFO, I believe that I am especially qualified for this position. My Career began with more than 5 years at NCUA. I transitioned to Arkansas Federal Credit Union and was selected as CFO in 2015. In this role, I oversee Finance, Accounting, Payments, Collections, Facilities, Compliance, Fraud, and our Internal Audit department. Additionally, I am the Chairman of our ALCO Committee, and active member of various other committees within our institution. External to Arkansas Federal Credit Union, I am the Chairman of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas and Northern Louisiana, Better Business Bureau of Arkansas, and Teach for Southwest CUNA Management School. Prior to the merger between CUNA and NAFCU, I served as the Vice President of the NAFCU CFO Steering Committee. I appreciate your consideration for this position and would be an advocate for moving the council forward.  

Erik Romero

VP Finance
Revity Credit Union
Granite City, IL

I am honored to announce my candidacy for a position on the Finance Council Executive Committee. I have had the pleasure of working in the credit union industry for over 13 years.  I am the VP of Finance for Revity Credit Union, a $453 million in asset credit union located in Granite City, IL.  Working for the credit union provides me with a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to both the organization and the community it serves.  It would be a great honor to be able to collaborate with the finance professionals and contribute to the committee that has helped me over the years.