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HR & Organizational Development Council Executive Committee Election

The CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for its 2024 election.

Please review the campaign statements below and use the web ballot to vote for 3 of the 4 candidates.

Submit your completed ballot no later than 5 PM PT on Friday, March 29, 2024. Ballots received after this date will not be used in the final tabulations. The candidates will take their seats on the executive committee at the conclusion of the annual conference - April 21 -24, 2024 in St. Pete Beach, FL.

* - indicates incumbent

Kristine Pender *

Chief Human Resources Officer, Hanscom Federal Credit Union, Littleton, MA

I began working at Hanscom Federal Credit Union in 2019 after many years in corporate America and found a great purpose within the credit union space with respect to the impact we offer our members and communities. As a leader in HR and a current HR & OD Executive Council member, I am energized by the opportunity to influence our organizations to drive business strategy and results through people.

My passion for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and giving back are attributes that I believe will serve well as a member of the Executive Council. Thank you for your consideration to continue serving our community.

Tammy Teitscheid *

Chief People Officer, Elevations Credit Union, Boulder, CO

I am both honored and excited to be considered to be part of the CUNA HR&OD Executive Committee! While having a long career in leading Human Resources across several industries, it is in the last six years that I have discovered credit unions and the profound impact they have in a community. I thrive in collaborating and bringing my innovative HR experience to the credit union industry, helping other HR leaders grow and learn from one other. Before joining Elevations Credit Union, I served in leadership roles spanning areas of strategy, employer brand, operations, and product development. It is from this perspective that I can provide insights for creating the best employee experiences balanced with the needs of the organization.

I believe my contributions to this Council would be invaluable in shaping the future of the credit union industry and CUNA HR&OD membership.

Nikki Badje

Senior VP/Chief People Officer, TruWest Credit Union, Tempe, AZ

As a dedicated professional with a deep commitment to employee engagement, talent development, strategic management, and the credit union movement, I am eager to contribute my skills and passion to drive positive change for the executive committee. Throughout my career, I have championed employee engagement initiatives, recognizing that a motivated and fulfilled workforce is the cornerstone of any successful organization. I have a proven track record in designing and implementing strategies that enhance employee satisfaction, foster a positive workplace culture, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of the organization. I believe my experience, drive, and passion for the credit union movement would be a great asset to the council.  It would be a tremendous honor to be elected to a seat on the CUNA HR & Organizational Development Executive Committee. Thank you for your consideration. 

Jamie Gower

VP Human Resources, Westconsin Credit Union, Menomonie, WI

Since joining the credit union community in 2019, my journey has been nothing short of fulfilling. As an HR practitioner deeply committed to community impact, employee development, and business success, the credit union world has become the perfect trifecta for me.

The HROD Council emerged as an invaluable resource on this professional adventure. Attending the in-person HROD Conference and the Senior Forum last year provided me with rich experiences and insights. I actively participate in CUNA's mentorship program, both as a mentee and mentor, and currently serve on the Conference Planning Committee. These engagements have fortified my passion for the credit union industry, emphasizing the vital role of HR in driving engagement.

Eager to deepen my involvement, I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to serve and welcome the opportunity to collaborate more frequently with professionals across the HR and OD Council.

* - indicates incumbent