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Lending Council Executive Committee Election

The CUNA Lending Council Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for its 2022 election.

Please review the campaign statement below and use the web ballot to vote  for 3 of the 4 candidates.

Submit your completed ballot no later than 5 PM PT on Friday, September 30, 2022. Ballots received after this date will not be used in the final tabulations. The elected candidates will take their seats on the executive committee after the Lending Council Annual Conference in San Diego, CA November 2-5. 

* - indicates incumbent

*Lisa Cox

Vice President of Lending
CORE Credit Union
Statesboro, GA

It is with great pleasure that I am seeking re-election to the CUNA Lending Council Executive Committee. Serving the past three years on the Scholarship, Award, and Member Resources Committee has been a rewarding experience.  With over 21 years in the credit union industry, I believe I can continue to bring a unique perspective to the Lending Council.  I am the Vice President of Lending at CORE Credit Union and am responsible for all lending operations and the service we provide to our members.  It would be a privilege to be re-elected to the CUNA Lending Council Executive Committee, where I can continue to provide valuable feedback during these challenging times in the credit union industry!

*Debbie Shephard

Lending Manager
Northern Colorado Credit Union
Greeley, CO                                                        

It has been an honor being part of the Executive Committee these last three years. I would love the opportunity to continue my service to the Lending Council and appreciate the opportunity to be up for re-election. My time on the Membership Committee and as Vice-Chair of the Engagement Committee has been rewarding as we work on making your Lending Council Membership a value to you and your organization. With 25+ years of banking and over 20 in lending, at both small and large institutions, I have a wide range of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of lending. My goal in continuing to serve on the Executive Committee is to find ways to bring balance to the needs of small and large Credit Unions as we continue to look forward for innovative and exciting ways to connect with and serve our members. 

Joseph Beffer

Truity Credit Union 
Bartlesville OK

With a passion to serve and grow in the community I live along with the Credit Union Industry, I would be honored to serve on the Credit Union National Association Lending Council Executive Committee. I have, and will continue, to serve on sub committees providing opportunities for council members to continue their education, networking and opportunities to grow their engagement within the council. As an industry, it is vital that we build strong connections, inspire each other through networking and influence change in all areas of Credit Union Movement. Together we can achieve success within our communities and for each individual member.

Jim Dages

VP Commercial Lending
Patelco Credit Union
Dublin, CA

I've worked in the credit union industry for over 20 years and have maintained my affiliation with CUNA and the CUNA lending committee during this period. I have developed and conducted breakout sessions for the CUNA Lending Conference as well as been a part of the CUNA Lending Conference Committee. This is also my second year as a mentor in the mentor match program through CUNA.

CUNA has played an important role in my development within credit union industry, I'd like to continue to do my part toward helping others in the industry know that this organization exists, that it does offers many resources for building industry and role specific training and information. For these reasons, I'd like to be considered for the CUNA Executive Committee.